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John Robertson Hawke: Word War I letters and artifacts

Letter by J. Robertson Hwake (detail)The digital collection John Robertson Hawke: World War I letters and artifacts has been created by the University of Wollongong. John Robertson Hawke (1890-1965) was a Scottish immigrant. He worked as a warehouseman before joining in 1915 the Australian Army. He fought in Egypt, France and Belgium (Ypres). He performed in particular communication tasks as a signaller. The collection contains two postcards and 200 letters, mainly written to his parents and family, a pay book and a field medical card. There is a collection guide (collection D55; PDF).

In a second collection you will find letters, postcards, documents and objects from and about another Australian soldier, William George Abate who was killed in action in 1917.

John Robertson Hawke: World War I letters and artifacts


Cultural exchange in a time of global conflict: Sourcebook

Header Sourcebook CECG

The digital collection Cultural exchange in a time of global conflict. Colonials, neutrals and belligerents during the First World War: Sourcebook has been created by the team of the international CEBG project. This digital collection aiming at students in higher education offers a selection of sources from various holdings. You can select items for particular themes or choose a source genre, use the free search field or use the advanced search mode.

Cultural exchange in a time of global conflict. Colonials, neutrals and belligerents during the First World War: Sourcebook

En guerre: French illustrators and World War I

Banner "En guerre"

The  virtual exhibition En guerre: French illustrators and World War I has been created in 2014 by the University of Chicago Library. The exhibition looks at some major aspects of the First World War, such as the Allied powers and the Centrals, but also at the home front and children. The images show book covers, images from illustrated books, postcards and posters. There is a printed catalogue for the original exhibition.

En guerre: French illustrators and World War I

La Grande Collecte

Logo La Grande CollecteThe digital project La Grande Collecte [The Great Collect] was an initiative in 2013 and 2014 launched by the Bibliothèque nationale de France, the Archives de France and the Mission Centenaire 1914-1918. In this crowdsourcing project the aim was inviting the general public to bring sources from their private collections to the regional archives in order to digitize and publish them on a separate online platform. You can use the free text search field to search the results at will, use an advanced search mode (Recherche avancée) or filter them by the type of document (official publications, correspondance, diaries, photographs and drawings). In its present state this digital collections contains for these categories only a few dozen examples; there are some 130 photographs. The collection can only be accessed in French.

La Grande Collecte

Letters of 1916: A Year in the Life

Banner Letters of 1916

The digital collection Letters of 1916: A Year in the Life has been created by Maynooth University. The aim of this project is to collect letters and postcards documenting the year 1916 in Ireland – more exactly from November 1915 to October 1916 –  in all its dimensions, not only the Easter Rising and the Great War, but also daily life and business. Not only cultural institutions contribute to this collections. Individuals can give letters to be digitized or transcribe letters. At the start there were already some 2,200 letters. The letters can be searched freely or browsed for particular themes and months.

Letters of 1916: A Year in the Life

World War I Postcards from the Bowman Gray Collection

Banner WW1 Postcards from the Bowman Gary Collection

The digital collection World War I Postcards from the Bowman Gray Collection has been created by the library of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The collection contains some 6,400 postcards from the main belligerent countries (United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium, Russia and Italy), but also from other countries. The sheer number of postcards in this collection is equivalent to the number of interesting subjects, for example cavalry or children. Some commercial series, too, are completely present. You can browse the collection in its entirety (530 records with often multiple items), choose among the subjects, names and places, or use the free text search. The general introduction to this collection gives also a succinct bibliography on the subject of First World War postcards.

World War I Postcards from the Bowman Gray Collection

Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze: Collezioni della Prima Guerra Mondiale

Italiian poster La Guerra del Mare - image BNCFThe Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze (BNCF) brings to the Italian digital platform Internet Culturale five digital collections concerning the First World War, Collezioni della Prima Guerra Mondiale, which would merit accessibility at a separate subdomain of the BNCF:

Libri: in this collection with some 2,400 books you can find works on a variety of subjects, ranging from biographies, military treatises and tracts about health and medicine to sociological studies, literature and legislation.

Periodici: in this collection with nearly 900 items you will find journals and magazines, both general publications and special journals for subjects such as economy, society, finance and industry. There are also digitized trench journals, official bulletins and war diaries.

Iconografia: in this small section with just 150 items you can find materials such as postcards, posters and manifests, illustrations and cartoons. Some illustrations show the life of Italian prisoners of war in Austria.

Carte geografiche: this section contains 70 maps, most of them created by geographical institutes. The maps show in particular the regions on the border with the Habsburg Empire. The maps from 1919 show the new border with Austria.

Spartiti musicali: in this section with some 300 items you can find all kinds of musical scores. There are military marches, festive hymns and popular songs, works for choir and songs for children.

At Internet Culturale the BNCF presents many collections. The BNCF contributes to Europeana Collections 1914-1918.