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La Guerre 14-18

Start screen "La Guerre 14-18"

The virtual exhibition La Guerre 14-18 has been created in 2014 by the Bibliothèque nationale de France on its subdomain for virtual exhibitions. The exhibition has four sections. In the first section you can look at various images, including posters and modern photos of places mentioned in the diaries of soldier Louis Barthas. The second section, L’Europe en 14, looks at the situation of Europe in 1914. The third section, La guerre à l’horizon, concerns pacifists and social movements, and the role and image of the military in 1914. The fourth section Le choc looks at the impact of the outbreak of war on an European scale developing into the Great War. The exposition is accompanied by a section for educators, with for example a chronology of 1914. This exhibition can be viewed in French and English.

La Guerre 14-18

La Première Guerre mondiale dans les Archives de la Planète

Banner Albert Kahn 1914-1918

The virtual exhibition La Première Guerre mondiale dans les Archives de la Planète has been created by the Musée Départemental Albert Kahn in Boulogne-Billancourt and the cultural department of the département Hauts-de-Seine, in cooperation with ECPAD and the Mission Centenaire 14-18.

Albert Kahn (1860-1940) was a Parisian banker with great cultural interests, and also a pacifist with international contacts. One of his foundations was the Archives de la planète. During the First World War its staff made numerous photographs, among them rare colour photos (autochromes), and films. In a late phase of the war they worked together with the Section cinematographique et photographique de l’armee. The virtual exhibition has three main sections. The first section Regarder looks at the front, the civilians, the devastation and the aftermath of the First World War. The second section Comprendre (Understand) is the educational part of this exhibition. The third section Valoriser shows the background to the autochromes and films. This virtual exhibition can only be viewed in French.

In the digital collections of the Musée départemental Albert Kahn you can select some 16,900 photographs of the First World War (Thèmes: Première guerre mondiale), and use additional filters for specific themes, location and creator. There is also an interactive map to find images concerning a particular location.

La Première Guerre mondiale dans les Archives de la Planète

World War I Collection

Logo World War 1 Coilection, University of ColoradoThe digital World War I Collection has been created by the University of Colorado, Boulder. This digital collection contains some 1,100 books ranging from pamphlets and government publications to full monographs. You can either browse them all and subsequently narrow the results using search filters or search using categories. Among the more frequent subjects are atrocities, peace, propaganda, the United States of America and food supply. The collection can only be viewed in English.

World War 1 Collection

Das Kriegstagebuch des Alfred Hermann Fried

Photo of Alfred Hermann FriedThe digital project Das Kriegstagebuch des Alfred Hermann Fried brings a digital version of the diaries kept by Alfred Hermann Fried (1864-1921), an Austrian journalist and pacifist. Fried received in 1911 the Nobel Prize for Peace. He worked with Bertha von Suttner. He also promoted Esperanto. During the First World War his views were not very welcome in Austria, and he had to take refuge in Switzerland. Fried had access to numerous newspapers. The digital project gives a searchable version (Volltextsuche) of his diaries running from August 1914 to June 1919; you can choose the entry for a particular date from the calendar. The diaries can only be viewed in German.

Das Kriegstagebuch des Alfred Hermann Fried

Første Verdenskrig 1914-1918

A submarine safeguarding Denmark's neutralityThe virtual exhibition Første Verdenskrig 1914-1918 [First World War 1914-1918] has been created by Det Kongelige Bibliotek in Copenhagen, the Danish national library. This virtual exhibition has been launched to accompany the exhibition Ned med våbnene [Away with weapons] at Det Kongelige Bibliotek (September 4, 2014-January 31, 2015). The focus of the virtual exhibition is on seven very different persons: a politician, a soldier, a woman active in the peace movement, an interpreter working with prisoners of war, a union leader, a socialist and an intellectual. Each of them is briefly portrayed, and you can look at telling images or listen to spoken versions of some of their writings. This virtual exhibition can only be viewed in Danish.

The Danish national library contributes digitized materials concerning the First World War mainly to Europeana Collections 1914-1918. You can find these materials also using this overview which bring you to some 700 books (bøger), nearly 900 pamphlets (småtryk), 6600 images (billeder) and 180 maps (kort). You can choose between an interface in Danish or English. Some digitized Danish and Norwegian literature from the First World War held at Det Kongelige Bibliotek is accessible at The European Library portal.

Første Verdenskrig 1914-1918

Christmas Truce 1914: Operation Plum Puddings

Image soldiers during Christmas Truce 1914

The website Christmas Truce 1914: Operation Plum Puddings has been created by Alan Cleaver and Lesley Park. They aim at bringing together letters of soldiers, songs and other materials concerning the spontaneous truce of Christmas 1914. In particular activities such as singing and football games get attention. The website presents many letters written by British soldiers from several regiments. There is a provisional list of British and German Christmas songs. People are invited to do research in newspapers with reports about the Christmas truce, and to bring relevant letters and notices to the attention of the creators.

Christmas Truce 1914  Operation Plum Puddings

International Institute of Social History: First World War


The International Institute of Social History (IISH) in Amsterdam has created on its website a research guide for the First World War. It presents some twenty relevant collections at the IISH.  There is a similar guide on the war and peace movements. The IISH has made some twenty online guides to its various collections. The IISH has the largest holdings worldwide for collections documenting the history of socialism and labour movements, and facilitates research on this theme in many countries. The library of the IISH has rich holdings in relevant literature.

Currently the IISH is digitizing many of its famous collections, but other less well known collections are being digitized, too. The IISH provides a list of the collections which will be digitized soon, with digital finding aids. The digital collections of the IISH will increasingly appear at the Social History Portal in cooperation with sister institutes elsewhere in Europe. Items from its digital collections can also be found at Europeana 1914-1918. The website of the IISH can be viewed in English and Dutch.

IISH research guide on the First World War

The 1917 Stockholm Peace Conference

Banner Stockholm 1917

The digital project The 1917 Stockholm Peace Conference presents documents and images about the preparations by prominent members of European socialist parties and labour organizations for a peace conference in Stockholm in 1917. in the end the conference did not take place. This project was created by the archives and institutes for social history which cooperate at the Social History Portal. The website can be viewed in English, German and Dutch; the list of documents is in German.

The 1917 Stockholm Peace Conference