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British Soldier’s Wills

Start screen "Find a will"

The digital collection British Soldier’s Wills is a project of the UK government in which some 280,000 soldier’s wills between 1850 and 1996 have been digitized. These wills are part of a general database for probate search in the United Kingdom. The Original wills are kept by Her Majesty’s Court and Tribunal Service (HMCTS). In the simple search mode you can search for name and year of death. The advance search mode adds the possibilty to search also for first names, the day and month of death, and regimental number. You have to register to view the digitized wills, but you can search without registration. The interface of this database is in English.

British Soldier’s Wills

The private archive of the Lazic family

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The digital collection The private archive of the Lazic family is the fruit of support from the Endangered Archives Programme of the British Library for a project (EAP 833) at the University Library ‘Svetozar Markovic’ in Belgrad to save and digitize the fragile items in the private archive and library of the Lazic family in Belgrad. The First World War looms large in this collection, with rare law books by Geca Kon, rare Serbian periodicals, for example Serbian newspapers printed in Curfu and Thessaloniki, pamphlets, municipal decrees, archival records and books. Some 50,000 pages are being digitized. The overview of files is a simple list with the titles of digitized items; for some books you can choose the relevant part, but there is no search function.

You can follow the Endangered Archives Programme on its blog at the British Library.

The private archive of the Lazic family

First World/Great War

Header First World/Great War

The website First World/Great War is an initiative of the Istorijki Arhiv Beograda  [Historical Archives of Belgrade]. On this website you find a guide to historical records and archival collections in this city archive. In this guide ou can choose collections, themes and names from dropdown lists. There are articles on several subjects (e.g. economy, schools, health and the judiciary), and there  is a timeline, a bibliography and a section with links to other relevant web sources.  The image gallery shows you some highlights. You can visit this website in Serbian or English.

First World/Great War

Archives 14-18 en Wallonie

Banner Archives 14-18 en Wallonie

The virtual exhibition Archives 14-18 en Wallonie has been created by the Belgian National Archives. The website functions as a showcase of and gateway to materials in the Wallon provinces of Belgium. There are nearly 120 items, You can find here examples of letters, photographs, posters, court records and much more. There is a free text search field (Recherche) and you can search using a great variety of tags. You can also browse for individual archives or look for specific years, even up to 1925. The section Plus+ offers a selection of websites and points to a general guide for archival records concerning the First World War and Belgium. This virtual exhibition can only be viewed In French.

Archives 14-18 en Wallonie

Fusillés de la Première Guerre mondiale

Vginet Fusillés de la Première Guerre mondialeThe digital collection Fusillés de la Première Guerre Mondiale has been created at the portal Mémoire des hommes of the French Ministère de la Défense. The Service historique de la Défense at Vincennes has digitized the dossiers with the personal information, the actual proceedings of the courts-martial and their verdicts for 1009 executed civilians, soldiers and other military ranks. For a number of executions it is not known who was shot.

The digital collection – launched in 2014 – consists of a searchable database, a bibliography, and pages with information on legal procedures and about courts-martial (conseils de guerre). In the database (Faire une recherche) you can search for name, surname, location, year and date of birth, French départements, rank, unit, recruiting office and mentions. The database offers a statistical overview. The collection can be viewed with an interface in French; some information is also available in English and Spanish.

In the database Mort pour la France de la Première Guerre mondiale  you can search since November 2014 also for 95,000 persons killed in action who did not receive the mention Mort pour la France.

The portal Mission Centenaire 14-18 has an interesting background article about the French justice militaire.

Fusillés de la Première Guerre mondiale

Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze: Collezioni della Prima Guerra Mondiale

Italiian poster La Guerra del Mare - image BNCFThe Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze (BNCF) brings to the Italian digital platform Internet Culturale five digital collections concerning the First World War, Collezioni della Prima Guerra Mondiale, which would merit accessibility at a separate subdomain of the BNCF:

Libri: in this collection with some 2,400 books you can find works on a variety of subjects, ranging from biographies, military treatises and tracts about health and medicine to sociological studies, literature and legislation.

Periodici: in this collection with nearly 900 items you will find journals and magazines, both general publications and special journals for subjects such as economy, society, finance and industry. There are also digitized trench journals, official bulletins and war diaries.

Iconografia: in this small section with just 150 items you can find materials such as postcards, posters and manifests, illustrations and cartoons. Some illustrations show the life of Italian prisoners of war in Austria.

Carte geografiche: this section contains 70 maps, most of them created by geographical institutes. The maps show in particular the regions on the border with the Habsburg Empire. The maps from 1919 show the new border with Austria.

Spartiti musicali: in this section with some 300 items you can find all kinds of musical scores. There are military marches, festive hymns and popular songs, works for choir and songs for children.

At Internet Culturale the BNCF presents many collections. The BNCF contributes to Europeana Collections 1914-1918.

Der Erste Weltkrieg und das Ende der Habsburgmonarchie

Logo Der Erste WeltkriegThe virtual exhibition Der Erste Weltkrieg und das Ende der Habsburgermonarchie [The First World War and the end of the Habsburg monarchy] has been created by Schloss Schönbrunn in Vienna. You can conduct a general search using the free text search field, click the map for information about a particular part of the Habsburg Empire, look at a particular year of the First World War and its aftermath, or choose from the many themes covering a wide variety of subjects. The digitized items featured in this exhibition come from the holdings of several institutions in Vienna and elsewhere. The exhibition can be viewed in German and English.

Der Erste Weltkrieg und das Ende der Habsburgermonarchie