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World War I British press photograph collection

Press photo in Egypt, 1918 - UBC LibraryThe digital World War I British press photograph collection is a project of the University of British Columbia Library. In the 1930’s the British consulate in Seattle gave the University of British Columbia some 6,000 photographic prints. The originals are kept at the Imperial War Museums. During the First World War the Photographic Section of the Ministry of Information and other governmental agencies released photographs for use by the British press. In most cases the names of the photographers are not given. The digital collection contains nearly 3,700 photographs showing in particular the ordinary soldiers, but also for (foreign) commanders, aristocracy, weapons and training.

The filters for selecting particular items do not work as expected, but in the general advanced search mode of the digital collections of UBC Library you can preset the collection and add search fields at will. You can set the order of presentation, and choose for a list view, thumbnail or detailed view. A large number of photographs (1,233) was taken in France, but other countries are to be found as well.


World War I British press photograph collection

Deutsche Beuteakten zum Ersten Weltkrieg

Logo deutsche Beuteakten zum Ersten Weltkrieg

The digital collection Deutsche Beuteakten zum Ersten Weltkrieg [Looted German records concerning the First World War] is a project of the Central Archive of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation (TsAMO RF). The documents in this collection, divided over 475 units with some 36,000 pages (Bestand 500, Findbuch 12519), stem from several German military authorities, in particular the Generalstab and the Obere Heeresleitung, and from a number of ministries. Among the documents are unit diaries (Kriegstagebuch) and other front reports (Gefechtsberichten), diplomatic documents (nrs. 321-324 deal with the Russo-Japanese war of 1904/05), some 150 maps, some 80 personal dossiers, and a wide variety of other documents, almost all dating from the period 1910-1919. You can search using the free text search or the index search for labels such as number, year, page, and language. This digital collection can be viewed in Russian, German and English.

Deutsche Beuteakten zum Ersten Weltkrieg

Prisoners of the First World War

Banner ICRC-Prisoners of the First World War

The digital collection Prisoners of the First World War has been created by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). This collection contains digitized archival records about some 10 million prisoners of war during the First World War, mainly in Europe, but also in Russia, the Near East, India and Japan. The belligerent countries sent lists of prisoners to the ICRC. These lists were organized in alphabetical indexes which have been digitized for this project. You can search here individual persons, but also look at information about the internment camps, in particular from official inspection reports, browse postcards of the ICRC concerning the camps, and read letters about prisoners sent to the ICRC. Among the examples of information about prisoners is the archival record for captain Charles de Gaulle. The collection is accessible in English and French.

Prisoners of the First World War

Theses Repositories – Academic Joy

Logo Academic JoyThe section Academic Joy – Theses Repositories is a part of a portal with several links sections for academic theses in open access repositories all over the world. Academic Joy is a portal for Ph.D. students. You can choose repositories from a general overview or navigate maps for Europe, Asia, Africa, the United States of America and Canada. The lists are fairly exhaustive but sometimes repositories have not been included. The list here below gives an overview of the some of the most important repositories with the widest coverage. A number of missing repositories in Belgium and The Netherlands are indicated below.

Some repositories focus on history:

Some directories will guide you to theses:

Belgium and The Netherlands

For Belgium one can consult M.A. theses in Flemish at Ethesis and Flemish B.A. theses in the Vlaamse Scriptiebank; both websites have an interface in Dutch and English. For the Netherlands one can add Scripties van de Nederlandse Universiteiten for M.A. theses, and the Igitur Archive for Ph.D. and M.A. theses defended at Utrecht University. B.A. and M.A. theses written at Dutch Higher Education institutions can be retrieved from the HBO Kennisbank. The Dutch term for the First World War is Eerste Wereldoorlog.

Academic Joy – Theses Repositories


Logo Bando-SammlungThe virtual exhibition Bandō-Sammlung has been created in 2005 by the Deutsches Institut für Japan-Studien in Tokyo. After the fall of the Chinese town Tsingtau in 1914 some 5,000 Germans were taken to the camp Bandō as prisoners of war. The collection came to the DIJ in 1998 and documents their life and behaviour between 1914 and 1920. Materials on other camps with German prisoners of war in Japan and China were added in 2004 and 2005  to the original collection. The prisoners at Bandō had their own camp journal, Die Baracke. The collection contains a great variety of materials, such as maps, postcards, photographs, books, maps, sport and concert programs. An index helps you to search for persons, for locations of camps, keywords and groups of keywords. The website can be viewed in German and Japanese.


WW I Pamphlets Collection

Logo WWI Pamphlets Collection, Univ. of Colorado

The World War I Collection at the University of Colorado in Boulder presents some 1,200 digitized pamphlets. You can search the collection using a free text search or the advanced search mode. You can also browse by title and subject, use a map and a timeline to find items, or choose a tag for a particular theme or subject. The pamphlets stem mainly from the United States, Canada and European countries. Some pamphlets contain the text of official documents, and thus give a look also at diplomacy. The wide range of the collection is shown by the presence of pamphlets in English published in China and Japan.

World War I Collection