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World War I Collection: Posters

Screenprint World War I Collection, Hoover Institution

The World War I Collection: Posters has been created by the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. This digital collection contains 12,300 posters published in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland and Russia, Italy, Austria, Canada and Hungary, to mention here only the countries with more than 100 posters in this collection. The size and variety of this collection is extraordinary. There are several filters to make a selection (e.g. country of origin, language, creator) and you can set the time period. For 1914-1918 there are some 10,600 items. The results can be viewed in a list or in a grid. It is possible to create a user account, to save your search questions and create your own collections. This collections can only be viewed with an English interface.

World War I Collection: Posters


La Grande Guerra Più 100

Logo La Grande Guerra + 100The digital collection La Grande Guerra Più 100 [The Great War 100 Years On] has been created by the Università di Trento as an educational project to which scholars from several Italian and other universities (Innsbruck, Cracow, Montpellier) contributed. The core of the project is a calendar providing information about the First World War in a particular month exactly 100 years ago. There are biographies of politicians, military leaders and public persons. Infographs and photographic dossiers shed light on a number of themes. There are also sections with testimonies and thematic contributions. The worldwide impact of the First World War comes into relief, but also both the Western and Eastern fronts in Europe. The website can be viewed in Italian and English.

La Grande Guerra Più 100

WW1 Stereoscopic Glass Plate Photographs 1914-1929

Screenprint digital collection WW1 Stereographs, PennSttae University Libraries

The digital collection World War I Glass Plate Stereographs 1914-1929 has been created by Pennsylvania State University Libraries. This collection contains 368 stereoscopic photographs taken between 1914 and 1927. The photos were mainly taken in France, a few in Belgium, Germany, Italy, Macedonia and Greece. In particular the American Expeditionary Force and an afterwar meeting of the American Legion near Paris in 1927 come into view. Some of the images show most graphic injuries and soldiers killed in action. You can browse the images and filter them for year. There is also a simple free text search and an advanced search mode. For each stereograph both images are shown, without digital animation. There is a separate finding aid for this collection.

World War I Glass Plate Stereographs 1914-1929

100 Jahre Erster Weltkrieg

Banner 100 Jahre Erster Weltkrieg - Oösterreichisches Staatsarchive

The virtual exhibition 100 Jahre Erster Weltkrieg [100 Years First World War] has been created in 2014 by the Österreichisches Staatsarchiv in Vienna. You can search among 24 thematic collections which cover many aspects of the First World War and its immediate aftermath. You can look at a chronology for military and diplomatic events, at milestones in daily life and documents related to them, or compare the diary entries of Karl Schneller, an influential officer in the Austrian army staff (Armeeoberkommando (AOK)), and emperor Franz Joseph for a specific date. The exhibition can only be viewed in German.

100 Jahre Erster Weltkrieg

Western European Theater Political Pamphlet Collection 1894-1918

Pamphlet "War Facts and Figures"The digital collection Western European Theater Political Pamphlet Collection 1894-1918 has been created by Princeton University Library (collection MC 248). The collection contains in 77 boxes items from European countries collected since 1914.  Apart from pamphlets in English there are items in French, German, Russian, Italian and other languages.  The pamphlets do not only touch upon politics but on many aspects of the First World War and the period immediately before the war. The digitized pamphlets are accessible using an online finding aid. In the left side bar you can click on subjects and time periods which open either an item or a set of items within a record. You can use the general search field for a free text search. It is also possible to view the entire finding aid as a page or to download it as a PDF.

Western European Theater Political Pamphlet Collection 1894-1918

Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze: Collezioni della Prima Guerra Mondiale

Italiian poster La Guerra del Mare - image BNCFThe Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze (BNCF) brings to the Italian digital platform Internet Culturale five digital collections concerning the First World War, Collezioni della Prima Guerra Mondiale, which would merit accessibility at a separate subdomain of the BNCF:

Libri: in this collection with some 2,400 books you can find works on a variety of subjects, ranging from biographies, military treatises and tracts about health and medicine to sociological studies, literature and legislation.

Periodici: in this collection with nearly 900 items you will find journals and magazines, both general publications and special journals for subjects such as economy, society, finance and industry. There are also digitized trench journals, official bulletins and war diaries.

Iconografia: in this small section with just 150 items you can find materials such as postcards, posters and manifests, illustrations and cartoons. Some illustrations show the life of Italian prisoners of war in Austria.

Carte geografiche: this section contains 70 maps, most of them created by geographical institutes. The maps show in particular the regions on the border with the Habsburg Empire. The maps from 1919 show the new border with Austria.

Spartiti musicali: in this section with some 300 items you can find all kinds of musical scores. There are military marches, festive hymns and popular songs, works for choir and songs for children.

At Internet Culturale the BNCF presents many collections. The BNCF contributes to Europeana Collections 1914-1918.

Monumenti italiani della Grande Guerra

Banner Monumenti italiani

The digital collection Monumenti italiani della Grande Guerra [Monuments of the Great War] has been created by the Museo civico del Risorgimento (MCR) in Bologna and the Museo Storico Italiano della Guerra in Rovereto (Trentino).  This collection gives access to digitized images of and records about Italian memorials of the First World War, both in Italy and in other countries, such as present day Albania, Austria, Belgium, France, Hungary, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia and Switzerland, even in Egypt, Libia and Somalia.

You can search using a free text field (ricerca libera) or the advanced search mode (ricerca avanzata) with fields for province and state (provinza/stato), towns (comuni), location (località), sculptor (scultore) and date of realization (data realizzazione). When you choose Sfoglia you can browse the entire collection with some 4300 images of memorials in 1600 towns and villages. This digital collection is only accessible in Italian.

The MCR has two more digital collections about the First World War, one on victims of war from Bologna and an image collection. The museum in Rovereto has at its website an extensive web directory for museums in the region Trentino, and for First World War museums in Italy and elsewhere.

Monumenti italiani della Grande Guerra