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Memory of The Netherlands: First World War

Logo Memory of The NetherlandsThe digital portal Memory of the Netherlands contains numerous items concerning the First World War. The portal maintained by the Dutch Royal Library in The Hague presents some 120 digital collections from 100 Dutch cultural institutions. The main selection of items concerning the First World War can be found following the theme Military life which brings you to some 8,000 items from the collections of the former Legermuseum (Army Museum) in Delft. The preset selection of items concerning the First World War contains at presents some 400 photographs and drawings. At the Memory of the Netherlands you can also conduct a general search for items related to the First World War (Dutch: Eerste Wereldoorlog).

In 2014 two Dutch army museums will reopen as the Nationaal Militair Museum (National Military Museum). At the portal Dutch Military Heritage you can search in a number of digital collections created by the former Legermuseum.

Dutch cultural institutions such as the Koninklijke Bibliotheek, the Nationaal Archief, the EYE Film Instituut, the Legermuseum and the International Institute for Social History contribute to Europeana 1914-1918; currently some 8,000 items at this portal come from the collections of these institutions.

Memory of the Netherlands; First World War

Patrimoine numérique

Logo Patrimoine numériqueThe French portal Patrimoine numérique (Digital Heritage) helps you to find digital collections created by French cultural institutions, covering archives, libraries, museums, archeological and audiovisual collections. Patrimoine numérique is the French branch of the MICHAEL-Culture network. The portal presents more than 3,000 digital collections from well over 900 institutions. A simple search for grande guerre yields 26 collections as a result; a similar search for 1914-1918 brings you more than 100 results. There is a dossier thématique about the Grande Guerre which brings you swiftly to fifteen digital collections. The dossier has also a link to all relevant collections (Toutes les collections numérisées), with as a result ninety collections. You can also use the advanced search mode. The portal can be viewed in French, English and Italian.

Patrimoine numérique