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Theses Repositories – Academic Joy

Logo Academic JoyThe section Academic Joy – Theses Repositories is a part of a portal with several links sections for academic theses in open access repositories all over the world. Academic Joy is a portal for Ph.D. students. You can choose repositories from a general overview or navigate maps for Europe, Asia, Africa, the United States of America and Canada. The lists are fairly exhaustive but sometimes repositories have not been included. The list here below gives an overview of the some of the most important repositories with the widest coverage. A number of missing repositories in Belgium and The Netherlands are indicated below.

Some repositories focus on history:

Some directories will guide you to theses:

Belgium and The Netherlands

For Belgium one can consult M.A. theses in Flemish at Ethesis and Flemish B.A. theses in the Vlaamse Scriptiebank; both websites have an interface in Dutch and English. For the Netherlands one can add Scripties van de Nederlandse Universiteiten for M.A. theses, and the Igitur Archive for Ph.D. and M.A. theses defended at Utrecht University. B.A. and M.A. theses written at Dutch Higher Education institutions can be retrieved from the HBO Kennisbank. The Dutch term for the First World War is Eerste Wereldoorlog.

Academic Joy – Theses Repositories

Campaign Atlas to the Great War

Header Campaign Atlas of the Great War

The website of the Campaign Atlas to the Great War has been created by the History Department of the United States Military Academy West Point. The website presents some fifty maps of the various fronts in Europe and the Middle  East. There are no maps concerning military campaigns in Africa. Some twenty-five maps can be downloaded as PDF’s. A chart explains the use of symbols on the maps. This website can only be viewed in English.

Campaign Atlas to the Great War

World War I Maps & Aerial Photography

McMaster WW1 Maps and Aerial PhotographsThe digital collection World War I Maps & Aerial Photography is an initiative of the McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario. The collection contains some 400 maps of the fronts in France and Belgium, most of them made by the British Ordnance Survey, including trench maps. The scales of most maps are 1:10,000, 1:20,000 and 1:40,000. In a second part of this section, Other theatres of war, you can find maps for Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Russia. The second section of the digital collection is formed by some 500 aerial photographs, most of them taken in 1917 and 1918 by the Royal Air Force. In the section References & Links you will find some titles of relevant literature and some links to other websites with maps concerning the First World War. A number of case studies help using the maps and photographs.

World War I Maps & Aerial Photography

Sources de la Grande Guerre

Header Sources de la rande Guerre

The blog Sources de la Grande Guerre is an initiative of two scholars, Michaël Bourlet and Gwladys Longeard. On the blog they publish postings about sources and digital resources, often centered around one particular item. You can search the blog using th free text search (Rechercher dans le blogue) or by clicking on categories and tags (mots-clefs). The authors provide in their blogroll a selection of links to digital collections of some major French institutions, links to French research institutions, institutions outside France dealing with the First World War, and a number of First World War blogs. The blog is written in French.

Sources de la Grande Guerre

Paths of Memory

Logo Paths of MemoryThe portal Paths of Memory presents the history of lieux de mémoire of the First World War, the Spanish Civil War and the Second World War. The portal has been created in 2002 by institutions from six countries. You can search for themes and subjects with the quick search, check the place index or navigate the maps of European for a particular theme. The home front is not forgotten. For each region or location you can read a concise history and a section with information for tourism. The portal can be viewed in six languages. The names of this portal in the various languages correspond even with dedicated web addresses for each of the six languages; for example, for German the Wege der Erinnerung can be visited at www.wege-der-erinnerung.de.

Paths of Memory

100 Jahre Erster Weltkrieg: Gegen das Vergessen

Logo 100 Jahre: Gegen das VergessenThe digital portal 2014-2018 – 100 Jahre Erster Weltkrieg: Gegen das Vergessen (100 years First World War: Against Forgetting) has been created by the German Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge e.V., the German War Graves Association. This association takes care of war cemeteries and aims at keeping the memory alive of those who died during the world wars. A major feature is the commemoration of German soldiers killed in action on a particular day during the First World War. The main link of the portal is to the Gräbersuche, a database for searching tombs. The portal provides information about projects in Europe, Australia and New Zealand for the centenary of the First World War. You can find here information about educational projects, special events, exhibitions and centenary websites. The portal can be viewed in German, English and French.

2014-2018 – 100 Jahre Erster Weltkrieg: Gegen das Vergessen

WW I Pamphlets Collection

Logo WWI Pamphlets Collection, Univ. of Colorado

The World War I Collection at the University of Colorado in Boulder presents some 1,200 digitized pamphlets. You can search the collection using a free text search or the advanced search mode. You can also browse by title and subject, use a map and a timeline to find items, or choose a tag for a particular theme or subject. The pamphlets stem mainly from the United States, Canada and European countries. Some pamphlets contain the text of official documents, and thus give a look also at diplomacy. The wide range of the collection is shown by the presence of pamphlets in English published in China and Japan.

World War I Collection

Europeana Exhibitions: 1914-1918

Logo Euorpeana ExhibtionsThe digital portal Europeana Exhibitions is an offspring of the Europeana project of several major European cultural institutions, especially libraries, to present their digital collections together. In connection with the First World War portal Europeana 1914-1918 travelling and virtual exhibitions have been created about the First World War:

Europeana Exhibitions

International Institute of Social History: First World War


The International Institute of Social History (IISH) in Amsterdam has created on its website a research guide for the First World War. It presents some twenty relevant collections at the IISH.  There is a similar guide on the war and peace movements. The IISH has made some twenty online guides to its various collections. The IISH has the largest holdings worldwide for collections documenting the history of socialism and labour movements, and facilitates research on this theme in many countries. The library of the IISH has rich holdings in relevant literature.

Currently the IISH is digitizing many of its famous collections, but other less well known collections are being digitized, too. The IISH provides a list of the collections which will be digitized soon, with digital finding aids. The digital collections of the IISH will increasingly appear at the Social History Portal in cooperation with sister institutes elsewhere in Europe. Items from its digital collections can also be found at Europeana 1914-1918. The website of the IISH can be viewed in English and Dutch.

IISH research guide on the First World War