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John Robertson Hawke: Word War I letters and artifacts

Letter by J. Robertson Hwake (detail)The digital collection John Robertson Hawke: World War I letters and artifacts has been created by the University of Wollongong. John Robertson Hawke (1890-1965) was a Scottish immigrant. He worked as a warehouseman before joining in 1915 the Australian Army. He fought in Egypt, France and Belgium (Ypres). He performed in particular communication tasks as a signaller. The collection contains two postcards and 200 letters, mainly written to his parents and family, a pay book and a field medical card. There is a collection guide (collection D55; PDF).

In a second collection you will find letters, postcards, documents and objects from and about another Australian soldier, William George Abate who was killed in action in 1917.

John Robertson Hawke: World War I letters and artifacts

Sassoon Journals

Photo of Siegfried SassoonThe digital collection of the Sassoon Journals has been launched as a part of the Cambridge Digital Library. This collection contains digitized 23 diaries written by Siegfried Sassoon (1886-1967), one of the British War Poets. He served as an officer, first with the Sussex Yeomanry, and later with the Royal Welch Fuseliers. Ten diaries kept at Cambridge University Library (MS. Add. 9852/1) stem from the First World War, starting in November 1915 (Add. 9852/1, nos. 4 to 13). Apart from notes about the war in France and his actions both at the front and in the United Kingdom the diaries contain drawings and also drafts of some of his poems. Sassoon served with the British Army not only in France, but also in Egypt and Palestine. For each diary a summary is provided with direct links to the most important entries and elements.

The war poems of Siegfried Sassoon can be read online in particular at the First World War Poetry Digital Archive.

Sassoon Journals

Monumenti italiani della Grande Guerra

Banner Monumenti italiani

The digital collection Monumenti italiani della Grande Guerra [Monuments of the Great War] has been created by the Museo civico del Risorgimento (MCR) in Bologna and the Museo Storico Italiano della Guerra in Rovereto (Trentino).  This collection gives access to digitized images of and records about Italian memorials of the First World War, both in Italy and in other countries, such as present day Albania, Austria, Belgium, France, Hungary, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia and Switzerland, even in Egypt, Libia and Somalia.

You can search using a free text field (ricerca libera) or the advanced search mode (ricerca avanzata) with fields for province and state (provinza/stato), towns (comuni), location (località), sculptor (scultore) and date of realization (data realizzazione). When you choose Sfoglia you can browse the entire collection with some 4300 images of memorials in 1600 towns and villages. This digital collection is only accessible in Italian.

The MCR has two more digital collections about the First World War, one on victims of war from Bologna and an image collection. The museum in Rovereto has at its website an extensive web directory for museums in the region Trentino, and for First World War museums in Italy and elsewhere.

Monumenti italiani della Grande Guerra