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La collection photographique “Marcel Chatenay” (1914-1918)

Start screen photographic collecetion Marcel Chatenay, Archive s de Ville de Saumur

La collection photographique “Marcel Chatenay” (1914-1918) [The photographic collection of Marcel Chatenay (1914-1918] has been created by the Archives de la Ville de Saumur. In 2013 and 2014 this municipal archive received two gifts with a total of 2843 stereographic photographs. Marcel Chatenay (1883-1955) had been a grocer before joining the French army in 1914 as an administration officer of the medical troops. On travel he encounters for examples both infantery and artillery units, cavalry and kitchen staff. Chatenay meets also colonial troops. In 1917 he served in the Vosges region. He took pictures in Picardy, Flanders, Verdun and in many other places. 457 stereoscopic images have been digitized, and you can view 52 images in 3 D. You can filter for specific persons, themes and locations.

The Archives de la Ville de Saumur present online two other French digitized photo albums and an American album of a special railway station and camp at Villebernier in 1918-1919.

La collection photographique “Marcel Chatenay” (1914-1918)

Cultural exchange in a time of global conflict: Sourcebook

Header Sourcebook CECG

The digital collection Cultural exchange in a time of global conflict. Colonials, neutrals and belligerents during the First World War: Sourcebook has been created by the team of the international CEBG project. This digital collection aiming at students in higher education offers a selection of sources from various holdings. You can select items for particular themes or choose a source genre, use the free search field or use the advanced search mode.

Cultural exchange in a time of global conflict. Colonials, neutrals and belligerents during the First World War: Sourcebook

ECPAD: Première guerre mondiale

Logo ECPADThe virtual presentation ECPAD: Première guerre mondiale is part of the ECPAD portal, the website of the Établissement de Communication et de Production Audiovisuelle de la Défense in Ivry-sur-Seine, the communication branch of the French defense ministry. At its portal ECPAD presents a selection of videos and photographs from its vast collection of First World War items, some 110,000 photographs (97,000 of them in the series SPA) and 2,000 films (series 14.18) which all have been digitized for the centenary of the Grande Guerre. One can consult the digitized items at the mediathèque in the old fortress Fort d’Ivry or order digitized images. ECPAD offers a very brief overview of its original audivisual collection created between 1915 and 1915, a general overview of materials from private collections concerning the Grande Guerre (PDF), and also succinct overviews of their First World War materials for a number of countries in Europe, Africa and Asia, and a set of fiches for each French département.

The online selection touches upon many themes in a wide variety of resources, among them for example coloured photographs (autochromes, 25 images in the selection, mainly to be found in the AUL series) and some 20,000 stereoscopic images (photographies stéréoscopiques, series D2 and D198), images of Russian soldiers in France, of prisoners of war, of the first American soldiers arriving in 1918, exercising army units, and much more. Only seven stereoscopic images are available online (animated versions).

There are only a few digital collections with French autochromes from the First World War. The main other collection is at the Mediathèque de l ‘Architecture et du Patrimoine, discussed also here. Parts of both collections appear also elsewhere. A third major collection is held at the Musée départemental Albert Kahn in Boulogne-Billancourt. The virtual exhibition of this museum is described here. At Arago-Le Portail de la Photographie you find more about several early techniques for colour photographs.

ECPAD: Première guerre mondiale

Portal des Bundesarchivs zum Ersten Weltkrieg

Logo Erster Weltkrieg BundesarchivThe digital portal Portal des Bundesarchivs zum Ersten Weltkrieg has been created by the Bundesarchiv, the German national archives in Koblenz. The portal offers access to digitized inventories and archival records on a wide range of themes.  You can browse galleries about special themes, such as the reaction of Germany to the assassination in Sarajevo in 1914  or the German presence in China (Tsingtao). You can look at digitized photographs, including panoramic images (Panoramabilder), and movies. Searching in online archival inventories (online finding aids) is possible using the Invenio system. This system presents also the digitized items. Some 700,000 pages have been digitized. The portal helps also genealogical research (Ahnensuche). Among the rarities are four sound recordings (Tonaufnahmen). The portal is only accessible in German.

Portal des Bundesarchivs zum Ersten Weltrieg

Bildbestand der Deutschen Kolonialgesellschaft

Logo DKGThe digital collection Bildbestand der Deutschen Kolonialgesellschaft (DKG) [Image collection of the German Colonial Society] has been created at the Universitätsbibliothek Frankfurt am Main. The DKG existed from 1887 to 1936. The 50,000 images in this collection have been made in several countries, mainly in Africa (Togo, Cameroun, Namibia, Burundi, Tanzania and Rwanda), China, Papua-Guinea (Irian Barat) and several islands in the Pacific Ocean (Marshall Islands, Carolines, Nauru, Mariana Islands and West-Samoa). You can search the images (Recherche im Bildarchiv) for creators, subjects, regions, persons, tribes and nations, and free text. You can turn on a search mode in English. The Erweiterte Suche allows you to create your own combinations of search fields.

On the website of the DKG image collection you can also read a digital version of the Deutsches Kolonial-Lexikon, Heinrich Schnee (ed.) (3 vol., Leipzig 1920). This reference work has many maps and illustrations. At the website of the UB Frankfurt am Main you can read background information about the DKG collection, and also download a PDF (125 MB) of a study about Namibia by Wilhelm R. Schmidt, Deutsch-Südwest-Afrika : Fotos aus der Kolonialzeit 1884 – 1918 (Frankfurt am Main 2001). Among the e-docs of this library you can browse also some 250 digitized books from the collection of the Kolonialbibliothek; a number of them was published before or during the First World War. The UB Frankfurt am Main hosts also ILISS Africa, the Internet Library Sub-Saharan Africa.

Bildbestand der Deutschen Kolonialgesellschaft