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(Ex-)keizer Wilhelm II

Drwaing of the former German emperor Wilhelm II on horsbecak - Het Utrechts ArchiefThe digital collection (Ex-)keizer Wilhelm II [(Ex-)emperor Wilhelm II] has been created by Het Utrechts Archief, the combined municipal archives of the city Utrecht and the state archives in the province Utrecht. In November 1918 the German emperor fled from the German army headquarters in Spa to the Netherlands. Initially he stayed at castle Amerongen. In 1920 he moved to the estate of Huis Doorn, now a museum. The emperor succeeded in getting a generous selection of his belongings in Germany to Huis Doorn. The Kaiser died in 1941. After the Second World War the Dutch authorities confiscated his goods. In 1975 the archival collection was transferred to Het Utrechts Archief.

The digital collection is essentially an online finding aid with digitized materials. Het Utrechts Archief offers a general introduction (in Dutch) to this collection. The collection has been divided into personal papers (stukken van persoonlijke aard), business and estate materials (stukken van zakelijke aard), materials before 1918, documentation and maps (Kaarten). Section 5.2 of the maps contains some ninety maps dealing with the First World War. You will find digitized letters, books, journals and newspapers, and various other materials, some of them from the nineteenth century. You can consult a German version of the finding aid, created in 1997 at the time the collection was microfilmed.

(Ex-)keizer Wilhelm II

The Great War

Banner The Great War

The Smithsonian Institution has created The Great War as a small selection from its digital library. The 28 digitized books cover a wide variety of subjects, from military handbooks, books about the war industry and aircraft to the famous war cartoons of Louis Ramaekers and music. These books were mainly  printed in the USA and the United Kingdom.

The digital library of the Smithsonian Libraries contains some 27,000 digitized books on a total of 1,5 million books, and 400,000 smaller publications (ephemera, pamphlets, etc.). You can browse in the digital library for subjects of books. For the subject World War 1914-1918 you will find some 90 digitized books. There is a list of thematic digital book collections.

The Great War

The private archive of the Lazic family

Banner EAP 8833 - Lazic family

The digital collection The private archive of the Lazic family is the fruit of support from the Endangered Archives Programme of the British Library for a project (EAP 833) at the University Library ‘Svetozar Markovic’ in Belgrad to save and digitize the fragile items in the private archive and library of the Lazic family in Belgrad. The First World War looms large in this collection, with rare law books by Geca Kon, rare Serbian periodicals, for example Serbian newspapers printed in Curfu and Thessaloniki, pamphlets, municipal decrees, archival records and books. Some 50,000 pages are being digitized. The overview of files is a simple list with the titles of digitized items; for some books you can choose the relevant part, but there is no search function.

You can follow the Endangered Archives Programme on its blog at the British Library.

The private archive of the Lazic family

World War 1914-1918

Banner Jagiellonski Digital Library

The digital collection World War 1914-1918 has been created by the university library of the Jagiellonski University in Cracow, Poland, as a part of its digital library. This digital collection contains 700 works. You can view the books in alphabetical order by title, search using the free text search field or using the advanced search. The collection contains works in Polish, German and other languages.  Beside books there are sixty pamphlets, two atlases and a few maps and posters. The interface of this digital collection can be viewed in Polish and English.

World War 1914-1918

World War I Collection

Logo World War 1 Coilection, University of ColoradoThe digital World War I Collection has been created by the University of Colorado, Boulder. This digital collection contains some 1,100 books ranging from pamphlets and government publications to full monographs. You can either browse them all and subsequently narrow the results using search filters or search using categories. Among the more frequent subjects are atrocities, peace, propaganda, the United States of America and food supply. The collection can only be viewed in English.

World War 1 Collection

Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze: Collezioni della Prima Guerra Mondiale

Italiian poster La Guerra del Mare - image BNCFThe Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze (BNCF) brings to the Italian digital platform Internet Culturale five digital collections concerning the First World War, Collezioni della Prima Guerra Mondiale, which would merit accessibility at a separate subdomain of the BNCF:

Libri: in this collection with some 2,400 books you can find works on a variety of subjects, ranging from biographies, military treatises and tracts about health and medicine to sociological studies, literature and legislation.

Periodici: in this collection with nearly 900 items you will find journals and magazines, both general publications and special journals for subjects such as economy, society, finance and industry. There are also digitized trench journals, official bulletins and war diaries.

Iconografia: in this small section with just 150 items you can find materials such as postcards, posters and manifests, illustrations and cartoons. Some illustrations show the life of Italian prisoners of war in Austria.

Carte geografiche: this section contains 70 maps, most of them created by geographical institutes. The maps show in particular the regions on the border with the Habsburg Empire. The maps from 1919 show the new border with Austria.

Spartiti musicali: in this section with some 300 items you can find all kinds of musical scores. There are military marches, festive hymns and popular songs, works for choir and songs for children.

At Internet Culturale the BNCF presents many collections. The BNCF contributes to Europeana Collections 1914-1918.

Første Verdenskrig 1914-1918

A submarine safeguarding Denmark's neutralityThe virtual exhibition Første Verdenskrig 1914-1918 [First World War 1914-1918] has been created by Det Kongelige Bibliotek in Copenhagen, the Danish national library. This virtual exhibition has been launched to accompany the exhibition Ned med våbnene [Away with weapons] at Det Kongelige Bibliotek (September 4, 2014-January 31, 2015). The focus of the virtual exhibition is on seven very different persons: a politician, a soldier, a woman active in the peace movement, an interpreter working with prisoners of war, a union leader, a socialist and an intellectual. Each of them is briefly portrayed, and you can look at telling images or listen to spoken versions of some of their writings. This virtual exhibition can only be viewed in Danish.

The Danish national library contributes digitized materials concerning the First World War mainly to Europeana Collections 1914-1918. You can find these materials also using this overview which bring you to some 700 books (bøger), nearly 900 pamphlets (småtryk), 6600 images (billeder) and 180 maps (kort). You can choose between an interface in Danish or English. Some digitized Danish and Norwegian literature from the First World War held at Det Kongelige Bibliotek is accessible at The European Library portal.

Første Verdenskrig 1914-1918