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Huis Doorn

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The museum Huis Doorn is dedicated to the history of this country house and its most famous occupant, the German emperor Wilhelm II. After the November revolution of 1918 Wilhelm II asked the Dutch government to grant him political asylum. After a time at the castle of Amerongen the Kaiser bought Huis Doorn in 1919 where he lived until his death in 1941. He turned the country house into a museum of the German Reich and monarchy, with many objects from the royal family. The museum has its own digital image database with some 6,500 digitized images from the collection of 12,000 photos kept at Huis Doorn. The website of the museum and the image database can be viewed in Dutch, German and English.

Huis Doorn

Chemins de mémoire en Nord-Pas de Calais

Logo Chemins de NordThe website Chemins de mémoire de la Grande Guerre en Nord-Pas de Calais invites visitors to a virtual tour of places and roads in Northern France, in particular nord of the Somme river. Many aspects of the First World War in this region are treated on this website, including the reconstruction of the region after 1918 and the way La Grande Guerre is remembered. The website is accessible in four languages.

Chemins de mémoire de la Grande Guerre en Nord-Pas de Calais