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Eestlased Esimeses maailmasõjas

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The digital collection Eestlased Esimeses maailmasõjas [Estonians in the First World War] is a project of the Ravhusarhiiv, the Estonian national archives in Tallinn. This crowdsourcing project aims at getting more information about the around 100,000 Estonian soldiers who served as soldiers in the Russian army during the First World War. Some 10,000 of them never returned home. The section Allikad gives an introduction to  archival resources, information about the armed forces and a bibliography. Many archival records are written in Russian. You can search for the names of persons or for locations. Täpsem otsing leads you to the advanced search mode. The button Leia sõdurid kaardilt leads to an interactive map for searching soldiers and locations. The section Kasulikke viiteid contains further web links. The section KKK/Tagasiside should lead to frequently asked questions, but there is only a contact form for asking questions. The project does cover also the Second World War.The website of this project can only be viewed in Estonian.

On the blog of the Ravhuusarhiiv you can read articles about Estonia and the First World War.

Eestlased Esimeses maailmasõjas


Crew lists of the British Merchant Navy – 1915

Screenshot Crew Lists of the British Merchant Navy - 1915

The digital collection Crew Lists of the British Merchant Navy – 1915 has been created by the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich. Volunteers transcribed in a crowdsourcing project 750,000 names in some 39,000 crew lists. Some of the lists are held by the National Archives in Kew, their lists have not been digitized for this website. You can search for crew members (first name, surname, rank, vessel and birth place) and for vessels (vessel name and official number). The lists are formally crew agreements, official contracts. Women, too, served on merchant ships. The lists are also an important resource for family history and economic history. The page About provides background information, and you can benefit from the Frequently Asked Questions, too.

Crew LIsts of the British Merchant Navy – 1915

John Robertson Hawke: Word War I letters and artifacts

Letter by J. Robertson Hwake (detail)The digital collection John Robertson Hawke: World War I letters and artifacts has been created by the University of Wollongong. John Robertson Hawke (1890-1965) was a Scottish immigrant. He worked as a warehouseman before joining in 1915 the Australian Army. He fought in Egypt, France and Belgium (Ypres). He performed in particular communication tasks as a signaller. The collection contains two postcards and 200 letters, mainly written to his parents and family, a pay book and a field medical card. There is a collection guide (collection D55; PDF).

In a second collection you will find letters, postcards, documents and objects from and about another Australian soldier, William George Abate who was killed in action in 1917.

John Robertson Hawke: World War I letters and artifacts

Sanità Grande Guerra

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The digital database Sanità Grande Guerra is a project of the Associazione Storica Cimeetrincee.  The website and the database inform you about Italian medical care and hospitals during the First World War. You can search for hospitals and kinds of sanitary services, and consult background information about the Italian Red Cross (CRI) and the cooperation with the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM). In the database you can search for locations and for types of sanitary services (type, year and month). There is also a biblioghraphy of relevant studies and old periodicals. This website can only be viewed in Italian.

Sanità Grande Guerra

Cultural exchange in a time of global conflict: Sourcebook

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The digital collection Cultural exchange in a time of global conflict. Colonials, neutrals and belligerents during the First World War: Sourcebook has been created by the team of the international CEBG project. This digital collection aiming at students in higher education offers a selection of sources from various holdings. You can select items for particular themes or choose a source genre, use the free search field or use the advanced search mode.

Cultural exchange in a time of global conflict. Colonials, neutrals and belligerents during the First World War: Sourcebook

First World War: Royal Flying Corps

Banner WW1: Royal Flying Corps

The digital collection First World War: Royal Flying Corps is part of the digitized Special Collections at Wichita State University, Fairmont, KS. This digital collection contains papers from the English brigade general R.M. Groves, notes about the RFC, two albums with aerial photographs showing the region in Flanders around Messines and Passchendaele before and after the battles in 1917, and aerial photographs with a report on a propaganda raid on Vienna on August 9, 1918 led by the Italian poet Gabriele d’Annunzio.  In the accompanying finding aid the materials (three boxes) are concisely described. You can browse this collection, use the free text field search or the advanced search mode.

Wichita State University has also a small general First World War collection, a collection on operations and intelligence of the British First and Second Armies, and twenty letters from British soldiers serving at different fronts.

First World War: Royal Flying Corps

WWI Military Portraits

Banner WWI Milirary Portaits, MPL

The digital collection WWI Military Portraits is part of the digital image collections of the Milwaukee Public Library. The collection contains 33,000 items (photographs, typewritten volumes, and service records). There are some 6,000 photographs. The items were complied from collections of the American War Mothers Milwaukee County Chapter and the Milwaukee County Council of Defense. You can browse all items, filter the results using the free text search or using the subject filter. In the advanced search mode you can add search fields at will. Some items refer to the Canadian and Polish armies.

WWI Military Portraits