This blog started in February 2014 as a simple initiative to use the powers of the system behind it as a kind of ready-made database to enhance searching for relevant digital projects concerning the First World War. For each project on this website I create a post with a concise description enriched with tags and categories. By clicking on tags – at the right –  or categories – at the left – or by using the search function or the tag cloud you can find projects with a particular tag. Projects can fall into several categories and have one or more tags, and thus I try to escape from too narrow classifications, definitions and descriptions. On the Subjects page you can find continents, regions, countries and themes.

Presenting projects from many countries helps to view the First World War from different and less obvious perspectives. I try to avoid focusing solely on websites accessible in English or on developments in Western Europe. I try to supply information in English for navigating websites which are only accessible in one language. On the right of the screen the list displays the most recent postings. It is impossible to reach complete coverage of all possible subjects, and thus you can find here also information about portals guiding you for further research.

The inspiration for this blog comes from A Compendium of Digital Collections, a pioneer website now no longer updated of the University of New Hampshire created with a blogging system. The concept is perfectly suitable when you restrict its realization to just one central subject. Sheer surprise in 2013 at the insufficient coverage of the First World War at some major portals for digital historical collections prompted me to start this blog.

The creator of this blog is Otto Vervaart, a historian living in The Netherlands. Since 2009 he blogs in English about legal history at his Rechtsgeschiedenis blog. He presents more information about legal history at his portal site www.rechtshistorie.nl.

You can follow this blog also at Twitter (@Digital1418).

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The presence of external links on this blog does not imply any endorsement of views expressed on them or any involvement with them.

Whenever possible I have used on this blog the official logos and banners of websites, sometimes, however, in a reduced size. In the absence of an immediately available logo or banner some images have been made using screenshots.

The header image is a detail of a photograph I took in 1997.

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