WW1 Stereoscopic Glass Plate Photographs 1914-1929

Screenprint digital collection WW1 Stereographs, PennSttae University Libraries

The digital collection World War I Glass Plate Stereographs 1914-1929 has been created by Pennsylvania State University Libraries. This collection contains 368 stereoscopic photographs taken between 1914 and 1927. The photos were mainly taken in France, a few in Belgium, Germany, Italy, Macedonia and Greece. In particular the American Expeditionary Force and an afterwar meeting of the American Legion near Paris in 1927 come into view. Some of the images show most graphic injuries and soldiers killed in action. You can browse the images and filter them for year. There is also a simple free text search and an advanced search mode. For each stereograph both images are shown, without digital animation. There is a separate finding aid for this collection.

World War I Glass Plate Stereographs 1914-1929