Fusillés de la Première Guerre mondiale

Vginet Fusillés de la Première Guerre mondialeThe digital collection Fusillés de la Première Guerre Mondiale has been created at the portal Mémoire des hommes of the French Ministère de la Défense. The Service historique de la Défense at Vincennes has digitized the dossiers with the personal information, the actual proceedings of the courts-martial and their verdicts for 1009 executed civilians, soldiers and other military ranks. For a number of executions it is not known who was shot.

The digital collection – launched in 2014 – consists of a searchable database, a bibliography, and pages with information on legal procedures and about courts-martial (conseils de guerre). In the database (Faire une recherche) you can search for name, surname, location, year and date of birth, French départements, rank, unit, recruiting office and mentions. The database offers a statistical overview. The collection can be viewed with an interface in French; some information is also available in English and Spanish.

In the database Mort pour la France de la Première Guerre mondiale  you can search since November 2014 also for 95,000 persons killed in action who did not receive the mention Mort pour la France.

The portal Mission Centenaire 14-18 has an interesting background article about the French justice militaire.

Fusillés de la Première Guerre mondiale