Stereoscopic Views, World War I

Sterograph-Monash University

The digital collection Stereoscopic Views, World War I has been created by the Monash University. This collection with some 260 images consists of four subcollections held at Monash University Library Rare Book Collections. You can browse all items by leaving the search field empty, or search for authors, titles and dates. You can view and download the original images. There are no animated versions of them online.

The photographs were published by the Keystone View Company. The descriptions of the images contain the original accompanying texts on the back of the photographs; the backs have been digitized, too. Technical data are provided, but often there is no clear indication of the creator, place and date. Twenty images show the Australian Expeditionary Force. Some images were made after the First World War. Many images depict scenes in France and Belgium, but some photographs were taken elsewhere in Europe or in the United States.

At Great War in 3D you can find information about this series and other Keystone series showing the First World War. Monash University presents also 90 digitized stereoscopic photographs in colour from the Russo-Japanese war.

Stereoscopic Views, World War I