Portal des Bundesarchivs zum Ersten Weltkrieg

Logo Erster Weltkrieg BundesarchivThe digital portal Portal des Bundesarchivs zum Ersten Weltkrieg has been created by the Bundesarchiv, the German national archives in Koblenz. The portal offers access to digitized inventories and archival records on a wide range of themes.  You can browse galleries about special themes, such as the reaction of Germany to the assassination in Sarajevo in 1914  or the German presence in China (Tsingtao). You can look at digitized photographs, including panoramic images (Panoramabilder), and movies. Searching in online archival inventories (online finding aids) is possible using the Invenio system. This system presents also the digitized items. Some 700,000 pages have been digitized. The portal helps also genealogical research (Ahnensuche). Among the rarities are four sound recordings (Tonaufnahmen). The portal is only accessible in German.

Portal des Bundesarchivs zum Ersten Weltrieg