Monumenti italiani della Grande Guerra

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The digital collection Monumenti italiani della Grande Guerra [Monuments of the Great War] has been created by the Museo civico del Risorgimento (MCR) in Bologna and the Museo Storico Italiano della Guerra in Rovereto (Trentino).  This collection gives access to digitized images of and records about Italian memorials of the First World War, both in Italy and in other countries, such as present day Albania, Austria, Belgium, France, Hungary, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia and Switzerland, even in Egypt, Libia and Somalia.

You can search using a free text field (ricerca libera) or the advanced search mode (ricerca avanzata) with fields for province and state (provinza/stato), towns (comuni), location (località), sculptor (scultore) and date of realization (data realizzazione). When you choose Sfoglia you can browse the entire collection with some 4300 images of memorials in 1600 towns and villages. This digital collection is only accessible in Italian.

The MCR has two more digital collections about the First World War, one on victims of war from Bologna and an image collection. The museum in Rovereto has at its website an extensive web directory for museums in the region Trentino, and for First World War museums in Italy and elsewhere.

Monumenti italiani della Grande Guerra