David Lloyd George Exhibition

Image of a painting of David Lloyd GeorgeThe virtual exhibition David Lloyd George has been created in 1995 by the National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth. The virtual exhibition shows the career of Lloyd George (1863-1945) from its beginnings in Wales to his political life in England crowned with his role as Prime Minister (1916-1922). He led the United Kingdom through three years of the First World War after he took over power from Herbert Asquith.  As Chancellor of the Exchequer (1908-1915) his role in transforming society had been certainly not less important. The exhibition shows photographs, some films and a sound recording made in the thirties of a speech originally held in 1918. The exhibition can be viewed in English and Welsh.

The National Library of Wales (NLW) has in its holdings several series of papers documenting the political career of David Lloyd George. His diary from 1886 (NLW, William George Papers 6) has been digitized, as are his more than three thousand letters to his brother William George (NLW , MSS 20403-42). The National Screen and Sound Archive of Wales has digitized in a special gallery numerous films kept at the NLW featuring David Lloyd George . Most of these films were made after the First World War.

David Lloyd George