Logo Bando-SammlungThe virtual exhibition Bandō-Sammlung has been created in 2005 by the Deutsches Institut für Japan-Studien in Tokyo. After the fall of the Chinese town Tsingtau in 1914 some 5,000 Germans were taken to the camp Bandō as prisoners of war. The collection came to the DIJ in 1998 and documents their life and behaviour between 1914 and 1920. Materials on other camps with German prisoners of war in Japan and China were added in 2004 and 2005  to the original collection. The prisoners at Bandō had their own camp journal, Die Baracke. The collection contains a great variety of materials, such as maps, postcards, photographs, books, maps, sport and concert programs. An index helps you to search for persons, for locations of camps, keywords and groups of keywords. The website can be viewed in German and Japanese.