Netzwerk Museen: 2014 Erster Weltkrieg

Logo Netzwerk MuseenThe Netzwerk Museen / Réseau des Musées organises in 2014 some twenty exhibitions on the theme 2014 Erster Weltkrieg / Premìère Guerre Mondiale. The Netzwerk Museen unites 22 museums in towns along and near the Rhine in France, Germany and Switzerland. This cooperation started in 2012 as a part of the EU-project Interreg Oberrhein / Rhin supérieur. The network is supported by the initiative Museums-PASS-Musées and led by the Dreiländermuseum in Lörrach. The website can be viewed in German and French.

2014 Erster Weltkrieg / Premìère Guerre Mondiale